Holiday Skin Care Tips

Two of the most common issues that come up during the holidays are rosacea and eczema.


I recommend being one step ahead of the game here and not waiting for these to trigger or flare.


For rosacea, as tempting as it is to try new products or get new products with holiday scents, stick with gentle cleansers and moisturizers. Avoid harsh and abrasive products. Between the temperature changes, the temperature disparities between indoors and outdoors, stress, holiday parties with red wine/ spicy foods/ cinnamon- it’s important to avoid the triggers that we know will flare our skin.


Rosacea can range from flushing or blushing to actual breakouts. There’s nothing worse than feeling like we lose control of our routine at this time of year!


For eczema, the temperatures cool down and our skin starts to dry out. Couple this with the scented candles and holiday scents, wood burning fireplaces, dry heat and often the next thing we know we have dry patches and cracked skin.


Try to get in the habit of using a moisturizer after each shower. I tell my patients to get the moisturizer that comes in the biggest bottle with a pump and no fragrance added and place it in the shower.


Right when you turn the water off- hydrate your skin from head to toe. Then blot dry with a towel.


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