Natural deodorants- thinking about making the switch

Natural deodorants are becoming so popular and they take a lot of getting used to. Natural deodorants work by masking the smell from sweat.  They do not block the sweat itself.  This is where it takes some getting used to.


In the first weeks of using these people complain of a damp feeling.  The first thing to remember is that time alone will make this seem less uncomfortable.  If you have been used to the dryness that comes from traditional antiperspirants, this will just be a whole new feeling to get used to!


Sometimes this damp feeling can start to turn into sweat stains on your clothes. Unfortunately it’s not always easy to be prepared for this.


Although using powders or witch hazel on a cotton swab can help, it’s not always practical to find these when you are at work or in restaurant for dinner.  A quick fix to help evaporate the excess dampness when needed is to apply hand sanitizer directly or on a tissue and then swipe across your underarm.  These tend to be everywhere these days, easy to use and they tend to dry quickly.


Wearing clothing that wicks away moisture helps as well.  The most common textiles for this are dri-fit and dryflex.  These can help wick away some moisture to avoid it from building up under the arm making the area feel damp.  Athletic wear commonly uses this and dryflex is a textile favorite for AMBERNOON.


Some clothing even has antimicrobial qualities by weaving silver in the textile to help with the odor while adapting to these deodorants.


Of note, it may not help to keep reapplying natural deodorants throughout the day to help them work. Repeated applications of these products does not necessarily make them kick in faster.


What may help is to try to work with how they work.  As they are trying to improve the bioflora under your arms, gently exfoliating once weekly with a wash cloth or gentle scrub can help remove excess bacteria.


Washing with a charcoal acne cleanser under your arms a couple days a week can even help during your showers. The charcoal can draw out impurities and the salicylic acid in these products can provide a little chemical exfoliation to help.  It is also important to make sure your skin is dry before applying. They are much less effective on damp or wet skin.


Natural deodorants do not work overnight! If you are committed to the switch then set your expectations to understand that these will take a few weeks to really kick in.  I have read so many reviews that talk about how someone tried one product one week, another the next, and so on.  Of course these will rate poorly – a week is not going to cut it!  It’s hard to get used to a new normal but our bodies are incredibly able to adapt to our habits and environment.


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