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Dr ILYAS discusses spandex and vaginal health on her blog

Posted by Erum Ilyas on
Dr ILYAS discusses spandex and vaginal health on her blog
In treating patients routinely for recurrent yeast infections in addition to vulvar pruritus(itching), lichen sclerosis, vulvodynia (pain), hyperhidrosis (excess sweating), recurrent folliculitis (hair follicle infection), staph carriers, hidradenitis (draining cysts) etc - I really sat down and reviewed the research on the impact of clothing on not only causing but also managing the treatment of these conditions.
Functional textiles are becoming more popular and can serve as an important adjunct to advising and managing patients. Importantly, the textiles chosen, the fit, design elements and maintenance of clothing are the key factors to consider.
Although conceptually my line is focused on the UV protection that the textiles I choose provide, I obviously took all of the above factors into consideration in designing the clothing and choosing textiles. Interestingly, in the medical literature there have been several studies with particular textiles for underwear that have shown a positive impact on vulvovaginal health.

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