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September 18, 2021

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Does bar soap dry out the skin?

The pH of bar soap is higher than liquid soap.  Our skin is somewhat acidic (pH of 5.4 ish)  while bar soap can have higher pHs making them more alkaline.  Many bar soaps have a pH in the 10-12 range.  When these come into contact with our acidic skin, the result is a drying or dehydrating effect on the skin.

Why does bar soap in particular more than liquid soap do that?

Liquid soaps tend to have a pH in the 8 range.  We need the pH of our cleansers to be a little higher than the pH of our skin to allow for a cleansing effect. However, the pH of liquid soaps is not generally as high as bar soaps making them less irritating.

Are hands-and-soap really better than a loofa then, in your estimation?

YES!  I cannot emphasize enough how many skin rashes i see as a result of loofahs, washcloths and body brushes.  


And even better -- hand and liquid soap that contains granules?

If someone is looking for a little exfoliation, soaps with granules are a nice way to get a ‘clean’ exfoliation- one that makes it less likely to result in spreading of bacteria and yeast from the devices. 

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