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September 16, 2021

To help firm saggy skin along the bust, what do you recommend- is there a certain ingredient that's best to use


When it comes to managing ‘saggy skin’ it’s important to understand why this occurs to determine what the best approach might be. The appearance of ‘saggy skin’ is a result of 3 factors: 

1. Thinning of the skin itself along with a loss of elasticity 

2. Loss of fat under the skin

3. Loss of muscle mass beneath the fat.


Remember the skin’s layers are the epidermis (part you can see that if you scratch turns white and flaky), the dermis (where collagen and elastic fibers are along with blood vessels), the fat then the muscle.

To improve the appearance of saggy skin, the thinning of the epidermis and loss of collagen and elastic fibers in the superficial layer of the skin need to be addressed. Most people recognize that when they build muscle mass they are disappointed when their ‘saggy skin’ hangs from their muscle:(. Although increasing the fat can help, we cannot really gain weight and tell the fat where to go! This leaves us with the dermis and epidermis. 

The turgor of the skin can be improved by hydrating the skin on the surface to improve its overall appearance. Moisturizers that contain ingredients that hydrate the skin effectively such as Hyaluronic Acid, lactic acid (amlactin) , and various oils (coconut oil, argan oil, etc) can be very effective for this. 


And how does it work?

These work by finding their way into the superficial layers of the epidermis to attract moisture and improve the turgor to the skin.


To banish belly bloat, what topical treatment is best?

This is an interesting question because true bloating is when moisture is retained as a result of water retention. This has more to do with sodium intake and electrolytes as well as underlying hormonal, blood pressure and kidney related issues. It would be difficult for a topical to reduce this as the retention is far deeper than the superficial layers of skin. This would be best achieved through modifying diet and exercise to increase muscle mass.

Should you use a detoxifying belly mask/wrap or a massage? 


I cannot find any science to support the idea that a belly mask or detox wrap can actually pull toxins out do the skin. Massage does likely work by manually massaging the excess fluid build up in the soft tissues towards the lymphatic to be drained. 


For a droopy bottom, what is best for a firmer-looking fanny? Is there any certain ingredient that's best for this- how does it work? 


Droopy bottoms are difficult to address as much of this is excess skin. The best way to address it is to increase muscle mass through as this can help bolster the excess skin up to reduce the appearance of sagging.  



To help firm skin on the upper arms, is there any DIY technique or remedy that you recommend? Are there any ingredients that work best for this
area of the body? 


The upper arms is an area that many patients present as a concern of theirs. This area is extremely difficult to manage with a topical as the excess skin itself is impossible to address with a topical alone. 



To smooth cellulite, what ingredient is best to look for? Is there a DIY remedy that can help diminish the appearance of cellulite dimples? 

Most products marketed for cellulite contain caffeine or a methylxanthine meant to reduce fluid retention in the skin to make the cellulite less apparent. 

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