Dark Under Eye Circles

Dark Under Eye Circles

October 08, 2018

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The key to choosing the right product is understanding what is causing those dark under eye circles in the first place.  Many people thing of dark circles as just a by-product of aging.  However, I find that many people have been bothered by these circles even starting during their teen years. This is because dark circles appear as a result of how our eyes sit in the socket, the lack or uneven distribution of fat between the muscle and the skin, and genetically some people have excess pigment in this area.  
Hydrating the skin around the eyes helps improve the turgor of the skin.

Dark circles under the eye are the result of three main causes:

1. Thinning of the skin to make the hue of the underlying blood vessels and muscles more visible

2. Pigmentation that can be genetic or the result of rubbing of the eyes such as with allergies

3. Loss of volume around the eyes By hydrating the skin without adding to irritation, this can lessen the appearance of under eye circles and reduce inflammation to avoid further discoloration)

Creams can reduce puffiness to avoid exaggerating the uneven fat distribution under the eyes. They can also improve the hydration of the skin to help make the skin appear to have more turgor.  And, bleaching creams can help reduce the pigment around the eyes.  

The main ingredients to be careful to avoid would be anything that can dry or irritate the thin sensitive skin in this area.  Although i’m a huge fan of retinol, around the eyes its worth applying with caution. If you get excess dryness, this can exaggerate these circles. I tend to avoid vitamin C as well because, again, its good ingredient, but can cause some irritation to this skin and give the opposite effect.  Focus on hydration: vitamin E, hyaluronic acid- these will increase the skin’s turgor by drawing moisture to the skin.


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