DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray

diy sea salt hair spray

March 18, 2021

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By now, you probably have heard about an incident where a woman who ran out of hair spray used gorilla glue to style hair.  This unfortunately proved extraordinarily difficult to remove. 


If you do run out of hair spray there are some simple recipes for DIY hair spray that you can make with simple safe household ingredients. 



1 cup of water (preferably distilled water)

1 tbs sea salt

1 tsp Coconut Oil

Couple of drops of essential oil such as Lavender Oil


Bring the water to a boil adding salt and coconut oil to dissolve.  Remove from the heat.  Add a few drops of an essential oil.  Cool further and transfer to a spray bottle.

It is ok to substitute sugar for sea salt.   


Sea salt hair spray adds texture to the hair and can make it appear more voluminous.  It is lightweight and not overly greasy.  



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