Essential Oils for Hair

Essential Oils for Hair

October 23, 2021

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The following essential oils have been known to have benefits for various aspects of hair appearance and potential hair growth. Please note that only a few drops are used! They can be added simply to your shampoo or conditioner.

Coconut oil

This has become a very popular go-to skin and hair oil. It has anti inflammatory effects and is hydrating to add shine and moisture to the hair.

Chamomile oil


Studies have shown that when this is added to a post hair transplant routine patients noted decreased redness and inflammation in the scalp to promote healing. It can be very soothing and contribute to shine for hair as well.

Lavender oil

Adding lavender oil to your routine has shown some benefit in controlling dandruff. There are some studies that have even shown the potential to promote hair growth as well.  


Argan Oil


Argan oil has been shown to have the potential to decrease hair breakage also promoting healthier hair.




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