Fall Do’s and Don’ts for Your Skin

Fall Do’s and Don’ts for Your Skin

October 04, 2019

Fall Dos and Don’ts





Tweak your routine:

As the cooler weather moves in during the fall and into the winter our skin can start to feel much drier. It’s even common for people to develop more acne as the winter approaches. Keeping our skin well hydrated with a noncomedogenic moisturizer is key.  It will help to use a moisturizer twice a day- morning and night. It also helps to switch from lotions to creams in the fall. Creams are a bit thicker and can moisturize more effectively. 




If your skin is particularly prone to dryness, it helps to use a humidifier in the winter.  As we turn the heat up indoors, the air can start to feel drier. A humidifier is a great way to add moisture back to the air.


-Gentle cleanser


Use a gentle cleanser as you transition to fall and winter. This will help avoid over-drying the skin with harsh irritating ingredients.  


-Apply a moisturizer after each time you wash your hands. One of the most common issues to see patients for as the temperatures cool down is hand eczema. I understand the need to wash our hands however our skin can not tolerate excess hand washing when the air is cold and dry outside. This can make for some uncomfortable issues with dry cracked hands! It helps to apply a moisturizer after each time you wash your hands. By placing a bottle of moisturizer right next to your hand soap on the counter you will remember to use it!





Don’t stop using sunscreen!

Even though the summer is over, we should be using sunscreen year round! Staying in the habit as your transition to fall will help us remember to use it. 


Don’t over-exfoliate!

When our skin is dry and flaky, some people feel the need to exfoliate more to try to remove the flaky skin. I recommend attempting to hydrate your skin instead. Exfoliating occasionally is perfectly ok to do. However, if you do this too much, your skin will start to feel raw and sensitive. If you have trouble with excess flaking that doesn’t respond to moisturizers, consider seeing your dermatologist as you may have seborrhea. This is common with season changes especially into the fall and may require a prescription cream to help clear.


Don’t take excessively hot showers!

As the temperatures start to cool, try to avoid warming up with a hot shower. The hotter the shower, the more your skin will dry out. Try keeping a bottle of moisturizer in the shower and applying as soon as your shower is over. You may be more likely to use it and it will be more effective to trap the moisture from the shower on your skin.





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