Hair Changes ... on your toes?

Hair Changes ... on your toes?

October 30, 2021

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Do changes in toe hair thickness or texture indicate hormonal changes?  Could hair loss on the toes indicate poor circulation?

Increases in the thickness or rough texture to hair on the toes is generally indicate of either improved circulation, hormonal change or genetics.   With improved circulation, hair growth can improve substantially by increasing the nutrients to the area that hair needs to grow.  Hormonal changes can induce similar changes. There are some that are genetically predisposed towards increased coarseness of hair as they age as well.

On the contrary, decrease in the thickness of hair or density can be an indication of a few conditions.

Poor circulation can often result in a decrease of blood flow to the small blood vessels that support hair growth.  Poor circulation can result for peripheral vascular disease in addition to conditions such as diabetes.  Aside from poor circulation to these areas, these conditions in addition to congestive heart failure contribute to leg edema or swelling.  The added swelling in the legs can also cause hair thinning or loss on the toes and feet. 

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Interestingly, decreased hair growth on toes is a clinical sign that can point towards diagnoses related to poor circulation as well as some neuropathies.  For example, reflex sympathetic dystrophy and complex regional pain syndrome are poorly understood disorders that may have both a nerve and circulatory component given some skin changes such as hypotrichosis or decreased hair growth that can accompany the areas affected.

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