High heels and your toes

High heels and your toes

February 19, 2021

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There are a lot of practical skin and bone related issues that come from ill fitting shoes.  High heels place our feet in a position that puts undue stress on your forefoot.  Although we all know how problematic high heels can be for our feet0 I can't stop wearing them!

One of the most common issues I have come across for women with regards to skin and nails is that wearing high heels gives you a higher chance of damaging your pinky toe nail. I routinely see women frustrated with their pinky toenail. It can dwindle to just a slight remnant of a nail.   This can be a thin and brittle or thick and difficult to cut.

This can often result from years of wearing high heels applying direct pressure and friction to the 5th toe. This constant source of pressure can damage the nail permanently with limited options to improve. 


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