How to shave with a fake tan

How to shave with a fake tan

March 21, 2021

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How do fake tans work?


Sunless tanning lotions, fake tans, 'fake bake', and spray on tans tend to work by applying Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) to the skin. DHA deposits a pigment in the superficial cells of the epidermis by interacting with these cells.  The pigment is very superficial and temporary. 


How can shaving affect your fake tan?



After spending the time and money to get a fake tan, you may not realize that shaving can impact your tan!


Spray tans deposit pigment in the superficial layers of skin. If you shave or wax, some superficial exfoliation will occur which will remove the pigment from the spray tan. If you can remember to shave before the tan, this can help reduce the chances of fading from shaving at least for the first day or two.


How can we reduce the chances of shaving fading our fake tans too quickly?



To minimize the chances of this try to follow these steps.

  • Do not use a shaving cream- this may remove some of the pigment from the spray tan 
  • Avoid shaving the first day you get the tan
  • Use a new razor. A dull or older razor may be more abrasive and result in more exfoliation
  • Consider applying a moisturizer as a layer of protection on the skin to protect the superficial layers of skin from exfoliating with the shave. This may not give as close a shave but would be less likely to disrupt the tan 
  • Gently glide the razor across the skin. Avoid applying deeper pressure on the skin. 

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