Lip Balms with SPF

Lip Balms with SPF

September 11, 2021

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I see so much actinic cheilitis- precancerous changes to the lips (especially lower lip) - I had to find our patients options for this difficult to manage area. I also have a large number of patients on Accutane and we have to make sure they are sun safe to avoid damaging their lips at a time when their medication makes them even more sensitive to the sun.

It’s a practical issue- sunscreen already wears off, it only wears off faster on a mucosal surface like the lip where food, drink and lip licking takes it off!

Here’s the list we provide our patients- all available on Amazon and online.

EltaMD UV Lip Balm Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 36: Love this because it has my favorite sunblock- zinc- and it’s water resistant.

One of my favorite brands to recommend for people with sensitive skin. This is also gluten free for my patients with gluten sensitivities (big issue if you use a lip product with gluten)

The key features I look for are
  • Zinc as the active ingredient
  • Water resistant
  • At least SPF 30

Most lip products are in the SPF 15 range. With all the sunscreen absorption safety concerns through our skin, I’m just as worried about sunscreen ingestion through the lips with chemical sunscreen use. I prefer mineral based sunblocks to recommend for this purpose. 


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