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July 29, 2021

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Are lip plumper glosses effective on all skin/lip types?


Lip plumper glosses are effective for all skin and lip types based on how they work.  They create a ‘plump’ effect by swelling the lips by irritating them with certain ingredients.  The thin skin of the lips is very susceptible to irritation and will swell temporarily in response.  Essentially they are creating what is referred to as an irritant contact dermatitis to the lips.  It is true, however, that some may have potentially slightly thicker skin and require either more product or more aggressive ingredients to achieve the same results.




Do the ingredients tend to be the same? Is this something you

can DIY?



Most use cinnamon or peppermint or capsaicin or cayenne pepper (from chili peppers)  to achieve the irritation that results in swelling.  Some may use menthol, camphor, and/or caffeine as well since these are known to vasodilate the skin.



Of course you can DIY this!  After all, these products are making use of something we have all experienced at some point or another after exposure to these ingredients in foods! The simplest recipes involve just melting your favorite balm, mixing in ¼ tsp of cinnamon oil or cayenne pepper, letting it cool in the container then apply it to your lips.  You can do this with any lip balm, gloss or lipstick if you need a little color in your product.



My only caution about these is to try to avoid daily use.  The more frequently you use them, the more likely you will start to suffer from severe chapped lips. After the swelling subsides from irritation the thin skin on the lips that was inflamed tends to shed or peel like elmer’s school glue stuck to your skin.  The lips can start to feel raw and crack or bleed easily.  Once in a while for a night out is not going to be problematic so enjoy the effects!  After a stretch of teens I saw several years ago with bruised lower lips and necks from the kylie shotglass lip plumping strategy and one kid that came in who could not get the shot glass off their face after trying, lip plumpers from a little irritation is a welcome option!



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