Lunchtime Beauty!

I find that the lunch hour is so popular for a number of cosmetic procedures that I personally have not set aside a lunch hour to actually eat lunch in over 15 years.

The most common procedures would be:

1. Botox, of course. In experienced, trained and board certified hands, this procedure is relatively quick and involves minimal pain or discomfort and very little if any downtime.

2. Dermalinfusion. I think of this as the new age of microdermabrasion and chemical peels. With the hydrating aspect of this procedure there is little residual inflammation and the skin is left feeling so smooth and soft that it can be done quickly and easily mid day.

3. Exilis or Radiofrequency skin tightening. I love this as a mid day procedure. The probe applied to the skin feels warm and leaves the skin only minimally pink yet smooth and tighter.

4. Vanquish or thermolipolysis. While everyone else is eating lunch, why not melt fat and smooth out contours?

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