Product Claims : ‘Maximum Strength’ vs ‘Clinical Strength’

Product Claims : ‘Maximum Strength’ vs ‘Clinical Strength’

September 07, 2020

When you see these claims on the side of a package, they likely give the impression that the product you are looking at means business.  The implication is that if this product cannot fix your problem then it's hard to say what else could!  At the very least, the implication is that if this product does not work you likely have to finally make time to see your doctor.

But what actually do these terms mean?  Do you know the difference?

Maximum Strength

Maximum strength refers to products that provide a higher concentration of the active ingredient than the regular strengths. However, this is not necessarily referring to buying the highest strength available.  This can be really misleading for people looking to get more effectiveness from higher strengths. Occasionally this comes up with OTC remedies for jock itch or acne creams.  After trying a ‘maximum strength” without a response, there can be an assumption that even that didn’t work!
Clinical Strength

Clinical strength tends to take maximum strength to the highest concentration of active ingredient possible. However, this is still likely going to fall short of prescription strength. 


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