Recipe: Natural Deodorants with Baking Soda

I have many patients seeking recipes for DIY natural deodorants as an alternative to aluminium based options.

There are many really great brands on the market to offer this option for consumers looking for this type of product!

Here is a recipe for a baking soda-based natural deodorant if you would like to make one at home.  There are options without baking soda that can involve a few more steps.  I will post one of these in a future post.  The challenge with baking soda is that it can be more effective to keep the area dry however it is also associated with certain types of rashes.  Some of my patients that have challenges with baking soda-based natural deodorants find that they can get a red brown discoloration to their underarm area.  This is temporary and not permanent. 

DIY Natural Deodorant 


1/4 cup baking sods

1/4 cup cornstarch 

1/4 cup coconut oil (keep some extra to add into help the consistency of the final product to help it spread easily)

5-10 drops of an essential oil (I used Lavender in my video!)


Mix these together and apply a thin layer under the arms. 

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