Scalp health & Hair growth

Scalp health & Hair growth

January 30, 2021

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Discuss the importance of scalp health and how (and if) the health of a scalp affects hair's growth and/or overall appearance and texture. 

The best way to understand scalp health and its impact on hair growth is to think of your scalp like a farm. If the scalp is not healthy, then it cannot grow strong hair. Any inflammation or irritation the scalp is experiencing will have an impact on our hair. It will result in the hair becoming fine, wispy and break easily. 


Tips for keeping the scalp healthy in the cold winter

The dry air in the winter can really dry out the scalp. This can lead to flaking and itching.

The flaking and scale that can build up on the scalp can actually  impede hair growth.  Itching can result in hair breakage from the trauma our hands and fingernails can cause.

It helps to keep the scalp hydrated in multiple ways.

The first is to reduce buildup once or twice a month with an exfoliating shampoo or product. The goal is to help remove excess scaling chemically with ingredients like salicylic acid or with excess hydration such as the use of argan oil or coconut oil.

It also helps to consider the use of a leave in conditioner to help restore moisture to the hair and scalp. 


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