Shampoo Bars : Do these really work?

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Shampoo bars may seem like a novelty but they’ve actually been around for quite some time. The story behind them is quite similar to a bar of soap. By having a product that is made in its concentrated form without the addition of water, one can save on the preservatives required to keep a product in the liquefied form as well as the plastic bottles and other waste that can build up from packaging and manufacturing. Shampoo bars are considered an eco-friendly option for shampoos.  The reality is that in the context of use for a bar of soap or shampoo bar there is plenty of water around for the product once in use, there is no need to pre-package it in the liquefied state. 
In using a shampoo bar, also consider the fact that how you use this might be a little different than your regular shampoo. With a liquefied shampoo one can take a dollop of the shampoo and evenly spread throughout the hair while the water helps evenly distribute it. With a bar of shampoo, it can take a little bit to get it ‘sudsy’ and you may need to rub it across your hair and while water rinses over. However the cleansing effect is the same. Also keep in mind that keeping a dish close by to place the bar on so that it does not dissolve away in the shower would be helpful to get its full usage potential out of the bar.
The main concerns patients have brought to my attention as far as shampoo bars are similar to why some  people choose liquid soap over bar soap. The first is that because you are applying the shampoo directly to your hair, some people are concerned about sharing the shampoo bar with others. This is not necessarily a big concern within the context of a family or household. The reality is soap is clean by definition. There is no need to worry about transferring disease across a bar of soap however some people just don’t like the thought of it. The other is that sometimes bars of soap and shampoo can leave a bit of a residue if not completely rinsed out. Please be sure to rinse with plenty of water given this concern. And the last concern is with different hair types such as curly or wavy hair, sometimes by rubbing the bar of shampoo over their hair it can feel as though the hair gets tangled a bit easier. For this issue, it may take a little getting used to using and may help to find a pattern of application that works best- such as applying in one direction and not rubbing the shampoo bar back and forth over the hair.
I often get asked if conditioner is necessary if using a shampoo bar. Most shampoo bars have conditioning agents within them to make them two in one.
The shampoo bars I have tried out and find simple to use are Kitsch Nourishing Shampoo Bar and Conditioning Bar and Orange Mood Shampoo Bar

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