Shampoo for Dry Scalp

Shampoo for Dry Scalp

September 07, 2020

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When it comes to managing a dry scalp, it’s important to understand the underlying triggers. Most patients that deal with dry scalp often have one of two conditions- seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis, or both- this is actually called sebopsoriasis.


Underlying these conditions is inflammation in the scalp that results in scaling or flaking. Dry skin can only make this worse. 

It is also true that many patients get product buildup over time that can leave a residue on the scalp that can make it appear dry or flaky.

If you find your scalp is both DRY/SCALY and ITCHY, then I tend to recommend SELSUN BLUE NATURALS ITCHY DRY SCALP SHAMPOO.  This Selsun product has salicylic acid in a 3 % concentration. This ingredient will help exfoliate the scalp to reduce flakiness. I tend to advise my patients to remember that when you are treating your scalp with a shampoo- make sure it gets on your scalp!

Most people with longer hairstyles tend to focus massaging shampoo through their hair and pay very little to their scalp. To avoid this it may be worth applying this shampoo to your dry scalp before you get in the shower. While the shower is warming up the product will have a chance to loosen up some scaling and then get rinsed out in shower. 

If your scalp is dry but necessarily itchy, then one of the often overlooked issues I come across is a little different. Our skin thins as we age and does not hold onto moisture as effectively. I find my older patients with itchy scalp often get one medicated shampoo after the next and cannot seem to get the results they want. This is simply because it’s more of a ‘structural issue’ so to speak. The quality of our skin changes as we age and if it cannot hold onto moisture we will perceive this as dry skin. In this case working with a hydrating shampoo may help.

For shampoos that call themselves ‘hydrating’ they are technically referring to your hair. However you scalp can benefit from this as well! BIOLAGE ULTRA HYDRASOURCE SHAMPOO works well to hydrate your scalp and hair to restore some lost moisture.

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