Sleep Sacks

October 22, 2021

There are a number of reasons that parents choose sleep sacks.  The most common reason is the intent to avoid loose blankets in the crib while still keeping the baby warm.  

In terms of choosing these for skin sensitivities there are a couple of things to consider here. The first is the textile choice. Ideally sticking with cotton will be best to reduce the chances of skin sensitivities being aggravated by the fabric.  

The second is actually a benefit- many onesies and one pieces for babies have metal clasps.  If these are not painted, then the exposed metal may have nickel.  This small amount of nickel with respect to the the relatively small body surface area of a baby can actually trigger hypersensitivities.  

Most of the sleep sacks I have come across have zippers (most often painted) and no metal clasps.  This means the chances of exposing the child to nickel are minimized as well.  This can be a bonus for babies.  For onesies with exposed metal clasps I often recommend painting these with clear nail polish or simply cut the end of the onesie and replace the buttons with small strips of velcro.   


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