Sunscreen The importance of SPF

Sun Protection— The Importance of Sunscreen

The skin is our body's largest organ.  It offers protection, temperature regulation, and more. There is a multi billion-dollar industry just to cater to your skin’s needs, and we believe it’s worth it! 

When you have healthy glowing skin, you feel and look more confident than ever. 



SPF Explained





Numerous skincare gurus have said, "The best foundation you can ever wear is healthy skin." We could not agree more. One of the essential features to keep your skin healthy is to have a daily dose of sunshine. But with all the UV rays, dust, and pollution, soaking your skin in the sun for too long can pose multiple skin risks. 

What is the solution? Well, the solution lies in the regular use of sunscreen with sufficient SPF to keep your skin healthy and protected. Exposing your skin to the sun for too long might lead to UV damage, i.e., premature aging, sun spots, cancer, etc. 

With the evolution of SPF, now we can enjoy the sun while keeping our skin protected from harmful UV rays. Learn some of the benefits of SPF to give your skin a safer, healthier radiant appearance. 

Reducing Chances of Skin Cancer

According to the report issued by the Skin Cancer Foundation, regular use of SPF can reduce the chances of developing squamous cell carcinoma by 40% and Melanoma by 50%. 


Sunlight mainly contains two types of UV rays, UVA and UVB. UVB is associated with sunburns and, thus, leads to a serious risk of developing skin cancer. Wear your sunscreen and protect your skin from both types of rays. 

Prevention of Early Signs of Aging

Long term exposure to sunlight can lead to premature aging due to loss of skin elasticity and collagen. According to skin experts, almost 90% of the signs of skin aging can potentially be  caused by extensive sun exposure. Introducing SPF in your skincare routine will help you reduce this risk.  

Getting Rid of Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation or blotchy skin might be hereditary, but can also be caused by long term exposure of the skin to the sun. But the good news is you can protect your skin from discoloration, hyperpigmentation, and blotches by routinely wearing SPF while exposed to the sun. 

Damage of DNA

Sunlight contains harmful factors that can lead to a risk of skin carcinogenesis and photo-aging. By applying an SPF product to your skin, you can protect your skin more effectively. 

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