Sun safety trends

Sun safety trends

The most important change people need to make with regards to sun care is to understand that UV protection is not just a summer thing, it’s not just a beach thing, it’s not just a pool thing.  UV protection needs to be a part of our daily routine - every day of the year.

Understanding the patterns of sun damage that reflect patterns of behavior when it comes to sun protection show that most people think its just the beach they need to worry about.  The reality is that daily chronic UV exposure - with or without a sunburn- contributes to the risk of skin cancer and premature aging of the skin.


Also understanding that our clothing does not protect us from the sun as effectively as we may think is also important.  Most people focus on sunscreen use on exposed areas.  The SPF of a standard T shirt is only about a 3.  That means many people are out there getting a false sense of protection when it comes to UV exposure thinking that their skin is covered when it in fact is not effectively covered against UV.  Sun safe clothing is an important investment to make!


Sun safe clothing has been recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics in light of the uncertain risks associated with sunscreen use.  80% of our lifetime cumulative sun exposure occurs during childhood.  We need to protect our children much more effectively before we will see less skin cancer.  Right now, 1 in 5 Americans will have a skin cancer- this number is way too high!


Sun Safe Clothing, Hats, Sunglasses and sunscreen on exposed areas.  This is your sun safety plan! 


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