Sunscreen Safety

Sunscreen Safety

January 22, 2020

Many of our customers saw the recent news that another study came out evaluating the absorption of chemical sunscreens into our bloodstream after just one day of use.
Dr Erum Ilyas discussed this study last night with Practical Dermatology and what it means for our patients.


”The most important thing to remember when it comes to sunscreens is that we do have choices. The sunscreens tested in this study were chemical sunscreen. As a Dermatologist and a mother I have always asked my patients to choose sunblock based on the ingredient label and not the brand. Look for active ingredients that you can pronounce- zinc and/or titanium - for most brands,“ says Dr Ilyas.

”Also remember that sunscreen is only one component of your sun safety plan. Hats, sunglasses and sunsafe clothing will limit your need for the use of sunscreen products.”

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