Take a shower at least after a dip in the ocean...

Take a shower at least after a dip in the ocean...

There is so much in celebrity news these days about not showering or bathing routinely.  After taking a dip in the ocean, however, it is a good idea to shower for a number of reasons.  

The first reason is simply taking the opportunity to cleanse the skin of bacteria and other organisms that can affect the skin. A day at the beach is different from a day at the pool.  Cuts and abrasion on the skin are common and can permit bacteria an opportunity to infect the skin.  
The recent study that showed an increase in antibiotic resistance genes (ABRs) on the skin suggests that there more bacteria on the skin after a swim in the ocean and that these bacteria may have more resistance to antibiotics making them harder to treat.  Cleansing the skin with soap and water after a shower can reduce the population of bacteria directly giving these bacteria less opportunity to cause infection.

As with everything, there are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to the ocean and its effect on our skin. Many people find benefits in salt water and the skin from conditions such as psoriasis. Although there is a noted anti inflammatory effect in some cases, cleansing the skin after exposure to ocean water can balance the benefits effectively. Marine environments have been well documented sources of antibiotic resistant bacteria.  Overall, however, if our skin is intact without open cuts or wounds, then the skin can serve as a barrier to protect us from the impact of these bacteria.  However, these bacteria can linger on the skin for several hours until appropriately cleansed.  By taking the time to clean and shower, there is less of a chance that those bacteria will lead to true infection.

The most important thing to do is to at the very least rinse off.  Adding a cleanser in is helpful. There is no need to scrub or use an antibacterial soap.  Soap and water is effective.  I personally would recommend avoiding loofahs or washcloths to avoid the chances of these bacteria building up in these products.

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