Tattoos: How to prepare

Tattoos: How to prepare

January 03, 2021

How should you prepare your skin for getting a  tattoo?
A successful tattoo experience is generally one where the pigment takes easily into the skin and there is minimal irritation or healing afterwards. This is usually achieved by moisturizing the skin well in advance of your tattoo appointment. Moisturizing on a daily basis with a moisturizer that contains ceramides or petroleum jelly will work best to hydrate and protect the skin. Hydration of the skin is also achieved by drinking plenty of fluids. 
Dry irritated skin does not take pigment well and can often result in further irritation during the healing process after obtaining the tattoo. This is  increasingly important to recognize as technically even microblading of eyebrows is a method of tattooing the skin. Often facial skin can be dry or irritated from anti aging of acne products. It is important to address these issues before your appointment to avoid a disappointing experience.

Are there other preparations you should make before getting a

 Moisturize on a daily basis, especially after each shower. Try to avoid any particularly irritating products such as retinoids, retinol, etc.
Shaving the area is helpful and avoiding nicks and scraped in the process.


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