Too many skin care products in your routine?

The challenge in developing skincare routine is figuring out which products your skin actually needs.  There are a ton of products on the market. When I walk into beauty stores I find it shocking that patients can even navigate the volume of choices available to them. I have so many patients that come in with bags of products asking which ones they are 'supposed' to use.  So many product claims can be misleading or give a false sense of need.  I also find that many patients are under the false impression that some ingredients are necessary to use based on these ingredients sounding “healthy“. 
Over the years I have seen some products can actually create a vicious cycle.  First, you use the product to create an effect. The positive effect you sought such as anti aging may also be accompanied by a negative effect such as excess irritation or dryness.  This may lead to seeking another product such as a serum to use to balance or counteract the negative impact.  The cycle that can develop leaves many wondering if the first product is even working well enough to justify the rest of the products added to the routine!
If you have a counter full of products and wonder what you should use- here are some questions to consider:
  • What effect are you looking for out of these products?
  • Are you just looking for a basic routine for some specific outcome?
  • Is your skin otherwise something you’re happy with or is there a specific problem you’re trying to address?
  • Are you bothered by a particular issue such as wrinkles, freckles or discoloration?
If you are looking for a simple routine, then there are really just a few basics you need to tackle.  The focus should be on protecting and hydrating your skin.  This can be achieved by a simple cleanser followed by a sunblock in the morning to prevent the chances of skin cancer and reduce the impact of UV on prematurely aging the skin, and a good moisturizer.  Many times you can even find a good sunblock with a moisturizer in one product to reduce the number of products you use.
If you are dealing with a particular skin issue, then additional products and ingredients should be focused on addressing the specific problems.  In other words, not everyone needs to use vitamin C on their skin just because it sounds like a ‘healthy’ ingredient. Vitamin C plays a specific role in a skin care routine and may not be for everyone!
If you are concerned about a particular skin issue, check through our blog for some common skin concerns to find products to integrate!

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