Toxic cleaning combinations: Please be cautious!

Toxic cleaning combinations: Please be cautious!

September 07, 2020

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This past few weeks we have seen a number of chemical burns and worry about some toxic DIY cleaning combinations people may be using.
The goal of disinfecting as much as possible is clear for all of us. However, cleaning agents alone are really very good at this. There is no need for take a chance with at home chemistry experiments combining ingredients because the consequences can be toxic, highly corrosive and even flammable.


Bleach is a common affordable go-to for many to add to their cleaning routine. However, bleach cleans on its own! There is no need to try to combine it with other cleaning agents.

Bleach combined with vinegar can produce highly toxic chlorine gas. This can cause chemical burns as well as be highly damaging to the eyes and lungs.

Bleach added to rubbing alcohol is the recipe for chloroform! Dizziness and nausea can be followed by potentiall fatal consequences. Chloroform can damage the nervous system, lungs, lover and kidneys as well as eyes and skin.

Bleach can be inadvertently mixed with ammonia in other cleaning agents. The combination can result in toxic chloramine vapor. Inhaling this can burn the throat and damage the lungs and highly toxic.

Vinegar with hydrogen peroxide is risky for the production of paracetic acid. This is not only highly corrosive to skin, eyes and the throat- it can cause long term scarring.
As you seek out more options for cleaning agents please reach out with any specific questions. Please contact poison control in your local area if you have been exposed to any of these combinations.

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