Volumizing Shampoo

Volumizing Shampoo

October 23, 2021

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Can a volumizing shampoo help with new hair growth?


Technically, the only topical that has been shown to have true effectiveness for new scalp hair growth that is found over the counter is minoxidil.  This is a scalp solution however and not a shampoo.

That being said, volumizing shampoos work extremely well to coat each hair follicle to give the impression of more volume, more hydration and a healthier hair style.

These do not cause more hair growth directly.  They work primarily by adding hydration to each hair follicle to give them a fuller wider barrel of each hair strand which adds to the appearance of our hair volume.  I tend to recommend Matrix Biolage Hydrasource shampoo for this effect.

There are studies and in practice however that evaluate the use of shampoos that treat seborrhea (dandruff) or psoriasis that have been shown to increase hair growth to some extent.  

The increased hair growth may not be by a direct stimulation of hair growth by the shampoo. In these cases the hair growth is a result treatment of the underlying inflammation that was preventing the hair from growing.  I explain this by thinking of our scalp like a farm- if the soil isn’t good / If the scalp isn’t healthy then it won’t grow a good crop / the hair will be poor quality.  By treating the scalp you can effectively improve the quality and quantity of hair.  

My go-to recommendation for dandruff is Selsun Blue Dandruff Shampoo Moisturizing.  

If someone has a significant amount of scaling or flaking I recommend Selsun Blue Shampoo Naturals Dandruff Itchy Dry Scalp because it has salicylic acid to reduce flaking and scale.



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