Why do you wear makeup?

Why do you wear makeup?

October 03, 2019

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I find there are of course a number of reasons to wear makeup- accentuating features, creating a mood, artistic expression, etc. 

 However the concern I come across frequently is a conundrum many patients come to us with- they feel they need to wear makeup to cover blemishes but also worry the makeup is causing more breakouts.

I’ve had teenage girls in tears saying their moms won’t let them cover up their blemishes with makeup for school because they think it will cause more breakouts. This is so hard to see at a time in teenagers lives when self confidence and self esteem building are so important.
I try to encourage these patients to wear makeup if they need to initially to get through the day but our goal should be to clear their skin!

And- most importantly- stop blaming themselves for their acne. Of course there are products that can clog pores but the reality is that most acne is simply hormonal. In other words, this is the time in their life for breakouts and we need to create a treatment plan to treat their current acne and prevent new acne.

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This plan should include an ‘exit plan’ for makeup used to conceal blemishes so makeup can be fun again!  Most acne can be effectively controlled with the right and carefully monitored treatment plan with a Board Certified dermatologist within 6-8 weeks. I encourage my patients to define benchmarks to make sure they are making progress at the right rate so that too much time isn’t wasted on the wrong routine. 

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