Not ready for Botox? How to get a youthful glow. Dr Erum Ilyas SheFinds

Younger Looking Skin - without Botox?

Trying to find the right products for younger looking skin ? 
Are you just not ready for injectables yet?
There are so many products and ingredients to consider.  Choosing the right products can be daunting, not to mention super expensive and wasteful.
The best approach to finding the right product for younger looking skin is to focus on the basics first, then consider adding things in based on specific concerns.
Where to start? Hydration.
The key to youthful appearing skin is hydration. It used to be that we would recommend products that would exfoliate or over exfoliate either physically or chemically to achieve a youthful appearance. The dried irritated look that would result often exaggerated the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  the long game may be to rebuild collagen, however getting there seemed to make things look much worse before they got better.
Focusing on hydration can dramatically improve the overall appearance of the skin and give it a more youthful glow. Ingredients that can achieve this would include hyaluronic acid and niacinamide serum. To balance the effects of hydration the worry that some skin types can have is the potential for acne. Although this is not necessarily a high risk with these ingredients, to balance the effects of this, adding in a retinol in the evening can reduce the likelihood of this as well as also focus on anti aging. 
Dr ILYAS discusses youthful skin without Botox with SheFinds!- Read more!
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