AmberNoon Research Internships

AmberNoon Research Internships

June 07, 2021


Consumer Product Research Intern


Navigating brands and skin care options for consumers can be all-consuming for Dermatologists. To help navigate this process, our Skin Care intern will research and develop tools to help consumers navigate their choices from drug store brands to department store brands. This year’s focus will primarily be on developing charts to help consumers and providers differentiate between drug store, department store and beauty store brands based on specific ingredients.


Time requirements: (Total 20 hours per week for 6 weeks)

    • Independent research and chart development : 12 hours per week
    • On site time : 6 hours in store retail experience per week (flexible hours)
    • Didactics : 1 hour weekly (can be remote or in person) 
    • Check in : 1 hour weekly (can be remote or in person) 


Total Stipend : $1500 

Weeks : 6 weeks (start time may vary)

Requirements : Age 16 or older 


This is a temporary position for approximately 6 weeks. This position will be 20 hours per week during a standard business day.



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