Biotin and your Skin, Hair and Nails

When patients tell me they are doing everything they can to improve their skin, hair and nails they often include taking biotin in their routines.

The first disclaimer is that I caution on the use of biotin in particular as the FDA issued a warning in 2017 on biotin’s ability to interfere with hundreds of laboratory tests.  This can result in false lab results when obtaining bloodwork.

Biotin is also known as vitamin B7. It functions as a cofactor in multiple metabolic pathways. It is naturally found in egg yolks, nuts, salmon, cauliflower, meats, and avocados. Our daily need for biotin is about 30 micrograms a day and easily found in our diet making biotin deficiency rare.


Supplements usually add up to 1000 micrograms daily. Large literature reviews show very little data to support success with the use of biotin to promote hair growth with the exception being those that have a true biotin deficiency may see some benefit.


The bottom line- unless you have an actual biotin deficiency that requires a biotin supplement, talk to your Dermatologist about whether biotin is right for you. 


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