Dr ILYAS discusses Shampoos for Color Treated Hair with UpJourney

To decide which shampoo is best for color treated hair it is important to consider how hair color works and which direction you are coloring in! 



Most hair dyes work by opening the outermost part of the hair follicle called the cuticle to lighten your natural color and deposit artificial pigment.  Some hair dyes, usually ones that contain peroxide, work by lightening your natural hair pigment.  Regardless, once artificial pigment or color is deposited in your cuticles, it undergoes a reaction that makes the particle too large to just come out on its own.  It needs a pH change in your hair and heat to open the cuticles back up to release the pigment.  



That being said, the goal of a shampoo for color treated hair is to maintain a pH that allows your hair to hold onto its pigment and to avoid stripping color with harsh detergents that can strip the cuticle and the color along with it.


Ingredients to avoid: 

Sulfates : sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate





If you don’t use a color treated shampoo you will need to color your hair more frequently since your hair simply wont hold the color as long!


Shampoo options that work well:



Kerastase Bain Chromatique Sulfate Free Deluxe Shampoo: 


Addresses the sulfates, pH, love this line of products

Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo : affordable option! Sulfate free (as far as I can tell) 





Most ‘damage erasing shampoos’ work by attempting to moisturize hair to strengthen it. I actually do not think shampoos are the right source to achieve this result. I’m a much bigger fan of leave in conditioners as they can rehydrate the cuticle of the hair and protect it throughout the day. 




Ingredients for curly hair target weighing the hair down to help control the ‘frizz’ but still maintain the lightweight bounce of curly hair. Shampoos that contain oils and high fatty acid ingredients such as shea butter and coconut oil will do this. But again- a great leave in conditioner can be really effective and last for this! 


Learn more as Dr ILYAS discusses this topic with UpJourney


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