Dr ILYAS discusses Sweat and Laundry with Reebok

Sweating can vary quite a bit based on both internal and external factors. 
Internally sweating can be triggered by hormonal changes, foods we eat, caffeine, illnesses, genetics, etc. 
Externally sweating is really influenced by the temperatures around us. In practice, we classify the degree to which we sweat based on how effectively we can manage it with simple interventions and how much it affects our day to day life.  
Light sweaters are those that can manage their sweat effectively with simple interventions such as over the counter antiperspirants under most conditions.  Their sweat does not impact their day to day life.
Moderate sweaters are those that can manage their sweat under most conditions but will find that they are aware of their sweat.  Some activities, even when not strenuous, will trigger their sweat and make them feel occasionally uncomfortable.
Heavy sweaters are those that simply cannot find simple interventions to help manage their sweat.  It impacts their day to day lives, it impacts their social lives, and it affects the choices they make when they dress.  These people often, (hopefully) find their way to my office to learn about prescription options and treatments to help.
When it comes to textiles and clothing consider how each fiber interacts with sweat...
Cotton: Cotton tends to absorb sweat and moisture and hold it in the fabric.  Although cotton is highly beathable and more comfortable to wear when sweating, the moisture absorbing property makes it tougher to rewear without washing after each use.
Lycra/nylon: Lycra tends to be moisture wicking- it pulls sweat and moisture away from the skin. Most workout wear has an element of lycra simply because it does not show the sweat visibly in the fabric.    The moisture wicking ability may allow this textile to go 2-3 wears before washing.  
Moisture wicking tech: same as for lycra
Smart wool:  Smart wool is fascinating as it allows our skin to breathe while moisture wicking.  It is said to release sweat as vapor once in the fabric. Although many hear the word ‘wool’ and do not think of this as ideal for sweating, it is worth considering.  2-3 uses before washing is not unreasonable.

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