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Cold weather can impact the skin directly and indirectly. 

Cold weather itself tends to be drier with lower humidity. This strips away natural oils from your skin. I tell my patients to not think of their skin as smooth like a wall- it’s more like a cobblestone street. Cold weather tends to break apart the mortar that holds the bricks (our skin cells) together. This makes them more susceptible to irritation and sensitivities from the environment.
Indirectly, heating and hot showers can also serve to dry out the skin even more. 


As our skin loses its natural oils and hydration in colder months, we need to replace these with hydrating products. During summer months, there is more humidity in the air that makes it less necessary to apply products with this added moisture. In fact, some people may find using these in the summer may make their skin feel greasy or oily. 
If you think about the cobblestone street analogy- if the mortar between the bricks is dissolving then we need to fill in those areas with the right products! 
My top picks  to hydrate and provide a hint of tint:

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