Dr ILYAS shares simple skincare tips with Philadelphia Magazine

I was thrilled to be chosen to share my skin care routine with Philadelphia Magazine.

My patients know that I’m a firm believer in simple tips and tricks when it comes to health and beauty. I encourage my patients to really understand what products can do and services to avoid wasting money on false hope or running the risk of adverse effects. 

This is exactly why I created my clothing line. To create clothing that simply protects our skin, beautifully, is a no-nonsense solution to a complicated healthcare epidemic and environmental risk.

SPF... Sunscreens... Skin cancer... Vitamin D... Coral reef destruction... Endocrine disruption...


What if wearing sunscreen was as simple as getting dressed? 

AmberNoon has made this possible. Our clothing protects our skin beautifully. The simplicity of the protection comes from years of studying sun protection and evaluating and diagnosing thousands of skin cancers and precancerous lesions annually for over 15 years.  

Our sun protection is based on the weave of the textile and does not rely on added UV chemical finishes. We can protect our skin safely and beautifully without putting our health and the environment at risk. 

This year make the move to smarter sun protection without compromising your personal sense of style!


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