Beauty Gift Box

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This Beauty Gift Box contains our latest products:

Tinted Mineral Sunscreen - 2 oz

Mineral Sunscreen Lotion - 4 oz

Detox Repair Cream for the face

Cucumber Eye Gel

Hand and Body Restore Cream


Your morning routine is set with our Tinted Mineral Sunscreen for the face.  The slight tint of our mineral sunscreen suits most skin tones by reducing the harshness of the hue of most mineral sunscreens.  Our mineral sunscreen lotion applies easily and rubs in quickly for the body.


Your evening routine allows her skin to detox, repair and restore.  Our Cucumber eye gel soothes the delicate skin around the eyes.  Our Hand and Body Restore Cream gives back the hydration her skin is seeking after a long day! 


****SPECIAL PRICE $150****  (Retail price for individually purchased items $169)