UPF Sleeveless Top

$125.00 $135.00

Perfect top for any occasion. Our sleeveless tunic is pleated in the back.  Flowing and soft to touch.

✔️ UPF 50+⁠
✔️ Sleeveless - perfect for layers!⁠
✔️ Lightweight⁠
✔️ Gold logo zip ⁠
✔️ Pleat in back for perfect silhouette⁠
✔️ Made in the USA (as all of our clothing items are!)⁠


I launched AmberNoon by the end of the summer of 2017.  I was so excited to share my sun protective designs and styles with my patients and community.  Although I was off to a good start, I found myself routinely getting a few common questions...

  • Where is the swimwear?
  • Where are the tank tops?


Let's start with the first question : swim.  It's an obvious choice for a sun protective brand to jump right into swimwear. I had already designed and created samples of swim to consider for my line.  Why didn't I launch with it?  The reason was simple.  Messaging is a funny thing.  Consider the sunblock displays at drugstores and discount stores... palm trees, pictures of people in swimwear... There is a clear message being sent to consumers that the time to think about the sun is when you are at the beach or pool.  While it is true this is an important time to think about sun safety, the reality has shown that daily chronic UV damage is cumulative- meaning it adds up- and can be potentially worse than your day at the pool.  My messaging was focused on educating my patients to really understand the need for daily UV protection- work, play, walking, strolling, driving, etc.  This is where we are poised to potentially make an impact on skin cancer rates. I did launch swim in 2018 !


I opened the flagship AmberNoon store in Wayne Pennsylvania in May 2019. It was such a huge success that we caused a traffic jam and found women trying clothes on in every corner! The biggest question I heard- where are the tank tops?? For a while I was reluctant to make sleeveless tops for a simple reason : I needed to feel as though our messaging was strong enough for people to understand that just wearing the top was not a "shield" with sun protection all over your body- the exposed areas either need a layer of clothing such as a cover up or sunscreen to make up the difference.  In other words, you can make a bikini with UPF textiles but it still will only protect the areas covered by the bikini!

After have a few years under our belt and so many repeat customers, I think we are finally in a place to enjoy a sleeveless top while grabbing a coverup to accompany it! Enjoy!