Our Mission

Our mission is to decrease the incidence of skin cancer

"After 15 years of performing well over 100,000 skin cancer screenings and diagnosing and treating thousands of skin cancers and precancerous lesions every year, I knew we had to find a better way.  I researched and studied what prevents us from protecting our skin - even when we try our best- and the impact our our choices on the environment and our health.  After studying sunscreen products and clothing I realized that the most advanced innovative solution to sun safety was actually the most basic.   By focusing on the quality of the textile we choose and testing them before and after 40 washes, I found a solution that did not require us to use UV chemical finishes to affect our health and the environment.  

Make our clothes your wardrobe and rest assured that our clothing is protecting you every day of the year.  This way you can limit your exposure and the environment to sunscreen products, enjoy your time outdoors, and - LOOK GREAT!"



"Thank you for making clothing that I want AND actually need!"

-MD, Michigan


"With my lupus, I have struggled to find daily products that can protect my skin from a flare.  I had considered UV clothing before but never found something I liked- until now!"


"I love the way these textiles feel!"
-JS, Pennsylvania