1 in 5 Americans will develop a Skin Cancer by the age of 70.

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According to the Skin Cancer Foundation,  "1 in 5 Americans will develop a Skin Cancer by the age of 70." ⁠

When I consider the fact that I also have a significant number of patients over the age of 70 that I diagnose with skin cancers, I suspect this number is a bit higher than we think. I also suspect that given the number of skin cancers we diagnose incidentally when patients come for routine skin complaints such as rashes and acne, concern me about potentially undiagnosed skin cancers in those not getting routine annual skin cancer screenings.⁠

Please consider adding annual skin cancer screenings to your preventative health care routine. ⁠

May is Skin Cancer Awareness month and the perfect opportunity to get your skin exam in before heading out to sunnier days!⁠

Schedule your skin cancer screening today.⁠
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