Anti aging in a nutshell

September 16, 2021

Why do you recommend anti-aging products?

One of the most common questions for people to have these days is ‘what should I be using?!’ The key with anti aging products is recognizing what ingredients do and when or why to use a particular ingredient or product. 
Your average 20- 30 something and below actually will find that the #1 anti aging product they can use is simply sun block. Remember that most changes to the skin that are called age related changes are actually extrinsic changes. This means the changes we think of as natural aging are actually more the result of the impact the sun and the environment have on our skin. These types of changes including accelerated loss of collagen and elasticity that result in fine line and sagging of the skin. Also in this category are increases in discoloration and freckles on the skin.  Intrinsic or natural aging of the skin does include less collagen and elastic but not at the same rate as that caused by the environment.
If you define ‘anti aging’ as halting or slowing the process of developing age related changes to the skin then protecting our skin on a daily basis, year round, indoors and outdoors is the best achieved with sunblock. Using products that contain zinc or titanium on a daily basis, products that moisturize or hydrate the skin to allow it to repair itself successfully when needed and avoiding smoking or second hand smoke are the best first line defenses to aging.

How do you use anti-aging products?

I focus on Hyaluronic acid and sunblock every morning 
 and for years retinol every evening.  For me the key has been trying to attack fine lines and wrinkles that are trying to stick around. However I do have sensitive skin and can start to feel pretty dry from retinol containing products. I integrated Hyaluronic acid to combat this dryness because I feel like the excess dryness can accentuate wrinkles! In recent months I discovered bakuchiol as an alternative to retinol. Studies show that it has the exact same benefit as retinol without the irritation. There are a few products out there with it.
What are your favorite ingredients in anti-aging products?

After some age related changes of the skin have already kicked in, the key to choosing a product is deciding which factor bothers you the most and addressing it directly.

If it’s fine lines and wrinkles: retinol for most skin types of bakuchiol for sensitive skin types will help the most.

Discoloration or freckles is best tackled by vitamin C containing serums.
Sallow or dry skin can be helped by hydration via Hyaluronic acid containing products.
What's your 1-2 go-to anti-aging product to recommend and why
do you like it?

I’ve become a big fan of Cerave in recent years. For years  I had issues with finding a good combination of products. I would use retinols at night, dry out, then in the morning when I went to put on moisturizer I’d feel like my skin was burning or stinging! It clearly woke me up at least.
 I discovered that Cerave Hyaluronic acid and Cerave Am (has sunblock) for morning use was less irritating. I like the added hydration I get from the Hyaluronic acid to help with dryness from the winter as well.
For the evening, Cerave skin renewing retinol. Truthfully I don’t know if it’s a less irritating retinol or if it’s that the am moisturizer doesn’t sting as much to use. However, the combination is so much more comfortable for my skin with great results.

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