Product Claims : "Patented Technology"

Product Claims : "Patented Technology"

Those words sound pretty convincing to imply that  the product is offering some new innovative advantage over anything else out there. 

The use of the terms ‘patented technology’ is a means to convey some unique aspect of a product.  Since a patent for a form of intellectual property that is issued to the person who applies for it, then possessing a patent implies that there is something unique about what you are offering. In skin care, the patents issued tend to apply to a unique use or formula for a product.

For skin care products this is an interesting claim that can be a way to identify a product that is offering something a bit more unique.  Take the example of moisturizers.  There are a ton out there.  Most do well and simply add hydration to the skin directly without any unique quality that holds the moisture in.  However, there are some skin care products that will claim a unique delivery of moisture to the skin.  These ‘patented technologies” have the potential to hold moisture in the skin for a prolonged period of time.  The other examples are commonly seen throughout the anti-aging groups of products.


Just because there is a patented technology behind a product doesn’t mean that it will out perform others in the group.  However if you are looking to try different options, these are reasonable to look for to try something somewhat unique compared to everything else.

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