Pumpkin and your skin

Pumpkin and your skin

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It’s fall y'all!   Pumpkin and pumpkin recipes go hand in hand with the fall.  Have you ever given thought to the health benefits of Pumpkin?


In the medical literature, there is evidence that pumpkin peel and puree extracts can reduce bacteria overgrowth. 

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Pumpkin is rich in lots of important nutrients.  It contains fiber, vitamin C, zinc and potassium.

  • Vitamin C has been touted for its immune boosting properties, particularly in preventing and treating the common cold. 
  • Zinc is important throughout the body for boosting the immune system, and in wound healing. 
  • Potassium has been shown to have cardiac benefits in reducing high blood pressure. 


Adding pumpkin to recipes can add many needed nutrients to your diet!


One of my favorite dishes is something called Kadoo.  This savory pumpkin stew is a great side dish during the fall!


Now for your skin!  Pumpkin also contains vitamin A and alpha hydroxy acids.  This is where the skin benefit may be found!  Ingesting these vitamins in meals can be beneficial.  However, you will also find some anti-aging skin care products that include pumpkin and pumpkin extract as an ingredient. 


Pumpkin seeds have magnesium, vitamin E and essential fatty acids.  Adding these to a salad, soups or as a garnish can also add nutritional value to your meal!


The main thing to remember if adding to your meals is to keep it in moderation! 


Hypercarotemia a condition caused by excessive ingestion of carotenoids.  Carotenoids are found in pumpkin, carrots and papaw and give them their characteristic orange color.  Eating too much carotene will lead to yellowing of your skin – especially your palms and soles!  This could happen with just 3 carrots a day. I’ve seen this during a few skin examinations along the way and its pretty distinctive when you see it.  That being said it is considered a benign condition and resolves gradually over time.

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