Skin Care Recipe: DIY Sugar Scrub

Skin Care Recipe: DIY Sugar Scrub

Physical exfoliants are products that work by manually removing the excess by the abrasive or gritty quality.  This can be through the addition of granules, sugar, seeds or nutshells to a cleanser or devices such as loofahs or brushes.

This post we will focus on Sugar !

I personally am a big fan of sugar scrubs for multiple reasons.  I will put them in the physical exfoliant category simply because the gritty texture to sugar before it dissolves allows us to manually remove dead skin cells and oil. 


What is nice about sugar scrubs is that they do not tend to be too harsh or abrasive in their quality and dissolve nicely.  I find some of my patients get aggressive with scrubs!  I have seen dyspigmentation in the pattern of a scrubbing technique when scrubs are too harsh!  It's hard to go overboard with sugar because it naturally dissolves and the abrasive quality goes with it.  The added bonus that most people do not realize is that glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid or chemical exfoliant, is also derived from sugar!  This means there is an added bonus of a little chemical exfoliation in this process.  Lastly, sugar does tend to hold onto moisture and hydrate as it exfoliates.


DIY Sugar Scrub

1 cup of Sugar

1/4 cup of Olive Oil

1 tsp Lemon Juice

5-10 drops of Vitamin E oil


Mix these ingredients together in a bowl.  The oil base makes it easy to gentry rub over your skin.  Rinse off in the shower.  Moisturize to hold on hydration!

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