Skin care for Men

Skin care for Men

Many of my male patients will not always know if certain skin care products are ok for them to use only because they are not necessarily marketed to them. Skin care routines are important for everyone, not necessarily just women. I urge my patients to understand that their skin is an organ- it interacts with the world around it, communicates with your internal organs, endocrine system, neuromuscular system, immune system and can reflect internal health. Protecting and maintaining your skin is an important component of your overall health. I had the opportunity to discuss my favorite skin care picks for men with @mic. @cerave @neutrogena @amlactin

Men have a tendency to skip over the essential self-care routine
when it comes to their skin. As the hot weather approaches, we
would like to put together a listicle of easy-to-follow skin
care routines that any dude can abide by. My starting question
is - beyond the suntan lotion men will lather all over
themselves this summer; what can they do to protect themselves?
How important is moisturizer? What about masks - are there
specific formulas that might work better for men? Please give me
your best tips on skincare for men.


I find the best way to approach a skin care routine for men (and women) who may not be in the routine of taking care of their skin is to simplify the process down to multitasking products that are thoughtfully slipped into the tasks they do see as routine. For facial SPF needs, using an aftershave with SPF can accomplish soothing sensitive skin post shaving while also leaving behind adequate sun protection.  Applying to the whole face and not just the beard area and extending down the neck is helpful. Most products in this category are moisturizers with a sunscreen for sensitive skin.  This is 3 for 1 technically - moisture, sunscreen, and soothing to sensitive skin.  (I can provide specific product recs if needed) Moisturizers are important, especially one with a sunscreen, as one of the most significant issues my older patients deal with is thinning of the skin from chronic UV damage that can manifest as severely sensitive skin, dry skin, and potentially increased risk of skin cancer.  

When it comes to sunscreen for the whole body- grab a body moisturizer with SPF and stick it IN the shower.  When you turn the water off, blot dry, and apply all over.  By doing so you get moisture and sunscreen all at once. And, you are more likely to use it simply because you have not gotten dressed yet.  Once clothing goes on, most people are hesitant to ruin their clothes with products.
Face masks for skin care have gained a lot of attention in recent years.  Face masks are not a must but are meant to serve a purpose.  If there is a challenge with your skin such as oiliness, acne, or dryness, then using these once in a while may give a boost to your skin.  The reality is that they likely fall under the pampering yourself/self care category as opposed to serving a true medical benefit to your skin.  In light of this, if a man is not seeking a face mask, it’s not worth forcing it because it will not be a relaxing experience.  That being said, most men seeking a face mask tend to have oily skin making clay or charcoal masks ideal. 
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