About Us


AmberNoon believes that contemporary clothing should be both professional but flexible, stylish yet comfortable, and timeless but adaptable in order to seamlessly transition with you through your busy day. Versatility and being sun aware is the key to every piece of clothing we make.  Our clothing transitions with you while protecting you.  We value ease and style as much as you do.  Each piece is designed to reveal and conceal, easily in different situations, and on the go with a style that is timeless.
The AmberNoon design process focuses on the details. Each piece is aesthetic and stylish on the surface. The construction is based on sun protection. All of our clothing has UV protection built in. Only the highest quality and grade of textiles are used that are both safe and comfortable in the sun. Sleeves with thumb tabs to protect our hands, roll tab sleeves to adapt to the indoors, half zips are seen throughout the line.  Without sacrificing beauty, women can express personal style in a practical way and live well.



The concept of stylish versatility while being sun aware was conceived by Dermatologist, Dr. Erum Ilyas.  She believes clothing can be better.  She has spent years diagnosing and treating thousands of patients that have experienced damaging effects of excess UV exposure from the sun.  She is also a woman on the go -- working, raising kids and running errands.   She recognized the need for clothing that can keep up with a demanding lifestyle while never appearing out of place.